Hello, I’m Dr. Pradeep Kumari and I would like to welcome you to my cosmetic surgery website . Through cosmetic surgery treatments, individuals are changing their lifestyle every day. They are improving. They are having exclusive techniques done in techniques never before thought possible. They are getting returning some of their power, some of their interest, some of their wish, and some of their future. It is the encounter and program that acquire adjustment – but it is the middle that gets new lifestyle. My purpose here at the. Center is to bring together the art and technological innovation of solutions, to offer you the best fantastic healthcare wellness care and amazing support especially designed for you to enhance your looks.

Cosmetic Surgery Pune India Mumbai, Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India

Antiaging Skin Clinic has set forth the following goals for every patient encounter and surgical enterprise.

  • To provide the best visible and/or efficient outcome.
  • To achieve only a natural, non-operated displaying medical procedures outcome.
  • To personalize every medical procedures try to the peoples framework and wishes.
  • To achieve the fastest, least distressing recovery possible.
  • To use the newest, most innovative, but proven techniques to reach these objectives.
  • To offer the patient different choices that adhere to his or her visible wishes, cost management limitations, and time investment to recovery.
  • To notify the patient about these solutions in order to market successful discussion that allows the patient to make an amazing decision as to his or her own medical wellness care.
  • To assist the patient in efficient and appropriate methods to ensure strength of the medical procedures outcome.
  • To handle any question, problem, or issue quickly and fully.
  • To increase the best medical wellness care that can be provided to the patient during every level from the preoperative, plastic surgery, to postoperative establishing.

Not to stop until all of these goals are met.

Dr. Pradeep Kumari; voted as the best young dermatologist- surgeon by IADVL, ASIA in 2007; is a well known and leading aesthetic Physician and dermatologist Pune India .