Botox treatment is the main referrals and personal preference of health professionals and sufferers to eliminate facial lines and other aesthetic problems. However, in places where there are Botox treatment is not as effective as it seems. The   substitute healthcare of aesthetic remedies is stuffing. This strategy is secure and simple.

What is it? The stuffing is a strategy used to correct lines, facial lines and marks. By hypodermic injection of ingredients in the focus on area, improving or reducing its level, its overall look will enhance.

Where it can be done? This strategy can be conducted in a hospital by a dermatologist specialist, since it is a rather quick and does not need sedation in most situations. If the person has very delicate skin, then you should aware your dermatologist specialist instantly go to him and this will use a external pain-killer by means of lotion, 30 to 60 minutes before beginning therapy.

What are the substances used and its duration? The ingredients most regularly used toper type this process epidermis are acidity hyaluronic and methacrylate. And between these two, the most regularly used is   acidity hyaluronic, it is regarded one of the most secure products for these therapies. For those uninformed, this acidity is a natural part of our epidermis (second layer), does not cause allergic reactions. As a guideline, stuffing persists between 6 to 12 months, demanding new program after this period.

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On the   others and, them ethacrylate is a finish   last, because its impact is no reabsorb bed by the system. Thus, the outcomes go more time. This material is used more greatly and can be used in higher amount .Out of fascination; the meth cry overdue has been used for the modification of dipody strophe (usual in the therapy of sufferers with HIV).

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